Vivian Ouya


Vivian Ouya LL. M. Candidate CEU (Austria)
LL. B. (Hons) Dip. (KSL)

Vivian Ouya is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya with a Bachelor of Laws Degree in Law from Moi University, Postgraduate Diploma from the Kenya School of Law and is a Masters Candidate in Human Rights Law at Central European University, Austria. Ms. Ouya has vast experience spanning 4 years in Human Rights Law, Women’s Rights, Employment Law, Property Law, Intellectual Property Law and Non-Profit Law and Governance. Ms. Ouya has shared her legal expertise and knowledge on national and international panels including, the East African Community.

Ms. Ouya is also a prolific legal researcher, writer and speaker with some of her writings published in Al Jazeera, the Star Kenya, Women’s Rights Journals like the Beijing Dispatch Journal, and Women’s Rights features of her work have been published in Ugandan Feminist Platform-African Feminism, Voice of America, Practica Español and the French Magazine, Le Point.

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